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enhances academic performance and gets results
Lessons at times and places convenient for you


Yaudat’s Whiteboard offers live interaction with the tutor, which helps to build great rapport with each other.

Share and

Our Whiteboard tools allow you to work through exercises together. You can upload sample essays, past papers and other documents.


All lessons are recorded so you can watch them again at your own convenience.

Find tutors and mentors who meet your requirements

Our tutors and mentors cover all subjects and levels and areas of interest. Use our search facility if you are not sure. Distance is not a barrier when you connect online.

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Meet tutors and mentors at no cost before you book

Students and parents can have reassurance about the suitability of a tutor or a mentor through an initial free 15 minute video chat – ask questions about teaching style, past experience and success. Of course this is done online at a convenient time for busy people.

Lesson space

It’s flexible and timesaving

Yaudat lessons fit easily into the rhythm of your family life – at home, on holiday, before or after school, weekends etc. and no travel costs! Your preferred tutor can be available for every session. You can book sessions individually and pay as you go or you can book a block of lessons at regular intervals.

Lesson space


We screen all our tutors and mentors through personal interview. Only the best are selected.

Free study

Free useful educational material is available on Yaudat to support your studies.

and secure

Your privacy is protected at all times. All communication is conducted through our secure site and your personal details are never shared with anyone.

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