How much
does it cost?

Prices depend on tutors’ qualifications and experience but sessions begin at £20 an hour.

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Yaudat will help you find suitable tutors and mentors for free

Yaudat and its team will find tutors and mentors to help you choose and apply to an institution, prepare for academic life, succeed in your studies, and make the most of your experience. Call Yaudat today for 100% free consultation.

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Manage your budget by paying as you go

You can manage your budget by paying as you go, or book several sessions to commit to a plan. Discounts are available for bookings of 10 or more sessions at a time. Payments are made easily and securely on our site using our payment system.

Outstanding tutors and
mentors to suit all budgets

Once personally interviewed and on-board, our tutors and mentors
set their own rates based on their experience and qualifications.
The typical price range is between £20 - 40 per hour.

£20  -  30

New to Yaudat and with lots of availability and already receiving great reviews

£30  -  50

Tutoring/mentoring for over 6 months, completed many sessions and received enthusiastic feedback

£50  -  100

Our most accomplished and experienced tutors and mentors. Excellent reviews and an outstanding record of proven results