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Dr Joseph Kay is a tutor and researcher, formerly working as a tutor for undergraduate students at the University of Oxford, where he was awarded a DPhil in Music in 2019. Passionate about enabling students to realise their full potential, he likes teaching that is adaptive, responding to the individual needs of each of his students and tailoring every lesson accordingly. Allied with this is his firm belief that showing is a more valuable teaching approach than telling; a student will learn better, and remember what they have learnt for longer, if they are given the space to find out answers for themselves. Not only is this exploratory approach a much better strategy for learning, it’s also much more fun! Joseph worked as a tutor at the University of Oxford for three years, specialising in music history, the philosophy and sociology of music, composition, and essay writing and study skills. Since 2013 he has also been involved in the admissions process at Oxford University’s Faculty of Music, acting as the central marker for performance auditions and composition submissions. Alongside his university teaching, Joseph has also taught a number of students privately in Oxford and London, and has mentored in numerous outreach projects and courses.

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We only accept tutor applications from candidates who are studying at leading global universities. Candidates who meet our criteria then move to the interview stage, where a member of the Yaudat team will carefully assess them for subject knowledge, general tutoring experience and communication skills. We also carefully check the validity of academic qualifications.


Subject Level Price
English Language and LiteratureGCSE£60/hr
English Language and LiteratureA-level£70/hr
English Language and LiteratureSecondary Education£45/hr
English Language and LiteratureIB£50/hr
EssayAll subject levels£50/hr
Extended EssayAll subject levels£50/hr
HistorySecondary Education£50/hr
LatinSecondary Education£45/hr
MathematicsSecondary Education£45/hr
MusicAll subject levels£70/hr
Music TheoryAll subject levels£70/hr
PhilosophySecondary Education£50/hr
Verbal ReasoningSecondary Education£45/hr

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