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I have a Masters in Physics from the University of St Andrews (1st class honours, graduated in 2018), specialising in the education of physics, and as an undergraduate helped teach in schools. I then completed a second Masters in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge (1st class honours, graduated 2020), so I'm skilled in teaching, communicating and understanding the context of both science and history beyond the lab. I love to help others understand more about the subjects I care about, and to improve their skills and knowledge, whether that's through tackling problems, developing writing skills, or through discussing and being inspired by the weird and wonderful stuff that we know about our world and the universe. I work to tailor each lesson to the individual that I'm teaching. For example, having been through many exam periods myself I understand the stress and pressure that students are under at such times, and can work closely with the exam syllabus to ensure that my students are as well prepared as they can be! Other students might be looking for a more general knowledge of the subject (perhaps exams aren't immediately on the horizon). In that case, I'm happy to provide more of a broad overview to try to explore why these subjects matter, to try to encourage students to develop, or reinforce, a passion for learning that can be beneficial in university applications or beyond

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We only accept tutor applications from candidates who are studying at leading global universities. Candidates who meet our criteria then move to the interview stage, where a member of the Yaudat team will carefully assess them for subject knowledge, general tutoring experience and communication skills. We also carefully check the validity of academic qualifications.


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MathematicsSecondary Education£50/hr
PhysicsSecondary Education£50/hr

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