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Rachel holds a PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Leicester. ‘Medieval Studies’ encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including language, history, culture and critical theory. Her doctoral thesis explored contemporary theories of semiotics, epistemology, anthropology, archaeology, and art practise, and applied them to thirteenth century northern European literary texts. Furthermore, she has experience in the history of art, film studies, and the theory and practice of photography. Rachel has taught both at Post-16 and undergraduate level, but is interested in working with students of any age. Rachel takes a holistic approach to both teaching and learning, tailoring lessons according to a student’s abilities and interests. Her core teaching values centre on patience, empathy, positive reinforcement, and respect.

Personally interviewed by Yaudat

We only accept tutor applications from candidates who are studying at leading global universities. Candidates who meet our criteria then move to the interview stage, where a member of the Yaudat team will carefully assess them for subject knowledge, general tutoring experience and communication skills. We also carefully check the validity of academic qualifications.


Subject Level Price
Creative WritingAll subject levels£60/hr
Critical ThinkingUndergraduate£65/hr
Design and TextilesFurther Education£50/hr
EnglishAll subject levels£70/hr
English Language and LiteratureAll subject levels£70/hr
English LiteratureAll subject levels£70/hr
EssayAll subject levels£60/hr
Extended EssayAll subject levels£60/hr
Fashion and TextilesFurther Education£50/hr
Film StudiesFurther Education£50/hr
History of ArtFurther Education£60/hr
PhotographyFurther Education£50/hr
Thinking SkillsAll subject levels£60/hr

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