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Mujde is currently involved in property management business in Istanbul, Turkey which has been their family business for over forty years. She initially started her university education in Istanbul with an English Language and Literature major at the prestigious Bosphorus University in 1991. With an opportunity to move to London and carry on with her education there, she got enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations at Huron University, London in 1994 and completed it in 1997. In the following years she also completed her Master of Science degrees in Multinational Commerce at Boston University in London in 1999 and in Finance at Huron University in London in 2005. Throughout the years she lived in London, Mujde worked for various companies in different industries that include Xerox, Unilever Best Foods and KPMG. These work experiences helped her gain a much broader insight into business structures of different industries. After 12 years of living in London, she moved back to Istanbul, Turkey in 2006 and took charge of the family business in Property management and investment. Apart from academic and professional work, Mujde has developed interest in some spiritual subjects especially in healing through meditation, clearing subconscious mind and homeopathy. Currently she carries on her practice and continuous learning in these subjects on a personal level.

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